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Lunch Box 1

1 broodjes naar keuze met een verse Jus d’ orange 🍊 en noten mixs of een stuk fruit

Lunch Box 2

Lunch Box 2: Soap & Breads with a fresh orange juice

Stew and Vegan Balls

Stamppot en Vegan balletjes

Vegan Menu : Asperges Soup, Pesto Schrimp Salad, Banana Bread

3 course meal: Starter: Asperges Soup Main Course: Pesto Schrimp Salade Dessert: Banana Bread

Vegan Menu : Muschroom Risotto, Musroom Soup, Tiramisu, Aloa Vera Zero (250 ml)

4 course meal: Starter: Mustard Soup Main Course: Muschroom Risotto Dessert: Tiramisu Drink : Aloa vera zero (250 ml)

Vegan Menu: Mushroom Tortelini, Tomato Soup, Cheesee Cake

3 course meal: Starter: Tomato Soup Main Course: Muschroom tortelini Dessert: Cheesee cake

Vegan Legum Menu

Legum salat, lime Cheesee cake, limonade drink , groente lompia

Vegan Menu: Mustard Soup, Vegan Meatballs with Rice, Cherry Tart

3 course meal:
Starter: Mustard Soup

Vegan Menu: Mustard Soup, Vegan Meatballs with Rice, Cherry Tart
Main Course: Vegan Meatballs in caramelised onion and Hollandaise sauce with a side of red rice and grilled asparagus.
Dessert: Vegan Cherry tart

Vegan Menu: Tomato Soup + Tofu Veggie Chicken + Tiramisu

3 meal menu:
Starter: Tomato Soup
Main course: Stir Fried Tofu with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes
Dessert: Vegan Tiramisu

Vegan Meatballs With Mashed Potatoes

Mama’s vegan meatballs with mashed potatoes.

Vegan Sausage with Mashed Potatoes

Mama’s vegan sausage with a side of mashed potatoes.


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