Vegan Chari Tea Red


Mama’s Soup Catering is excited to introduce one of our newest beverages,Vegan Chari Tea Red

VEGAN Chari Tea Red is an incredibly tasty and healthy drink that will surely please vegans and meat eaters alike.

So, in today and enjoy a bottle of Mama’s delicious VEGAN Chari Tea Red!

Vegan Chari Tea Red is a flavorful and invigorating beverage that caters to vegans. This tea is carefully crafted using only natural and plant-based ingredients, ensuring it aligns with a vegan lifestyle. With its rich and robust flavor profile, Vegan Chari Tea Red offers a delightful blend of spices and herbs, providing a warm and comforting drinking experience. Savor the aromatic notes and embrace the soothing qualities of this vegan-friendly tea, perfect for enjoying any time of the day.


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