1 sandwich of your choice with a fresh orange juice and nut mixes or a piece of fruit

The Mama’s Soup Lunch Box 1 is the perfect choice for a delicious and nutritious lunch. This box contains a tasty sandwich of your choice, carefully prepared with fresh ingredients and assembled with love. Whether you choose a crusty whole wheat roll, a fluffy ciabatta roll or a soft multigrain roll, the choice is yours. To complete your lunch, the Lunch Box 1 also comes with a refreshing glass of fresh orange juice, packed with vitamins and a delicious boost to your energy levels. In addition, the box includes a tasty nut mix, perfect for enjoying between meals and treating yourself to a healthy snack. Alternatively, there is also the option to choose a juicy piece of fruit, such as a juicy apple or a refreshing orange. With the Mama’s Soup Lunch Box 1, you are guaranteed a delicious and balanced meal that will give you energy and indulge your taste buds.


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